Hello everyone!
Today I have for you swatches and a review of the China Glaze You Do Hue - Sesame Street Collection.
This collection of twelve piece was made in a collaboration with Sesame Street. 

I bought this collection at Polish Pick, check them out, they have amazing low prices. 

Beak On Fleek!
This is a matte yellow, the formula is streaky and it needed 4 coats to reach opacity. 

I Believe In Snuffy
This is a peach shade with a gold shimmer to it, this is three coats.

Trash Can-Do Attitude
A metallic green with gold shimmer. I did three coats. 

Ernie Yours Stripes
This is a bright but sheer orange shade with gold flecks to it. This is three coats. 

Grover It
This is a bright navy blue with blue and holographic glitter. Great formula, this is two coats. 

Fur Real Though
This is a hot pink jelly, it applied well, opaque in three coats. 

A raspberry pink scattered holographic. This is one of my favorites from the collection.
Applies evenly and was opaque in two coats. 

Dat Color Dough
This is a clear base packed with ocean blue and silver micro glitter. I applied three coats. 

Living In The Elmo-Ment
This is a red base with holographic glitter. Beautiful shade, opaque in two coats. 

I Count Even...
This is five (5) coats! I Count Even... is a sheer light purple.
This is my least favorite from the collection. 

Free To Be Sesame
Another fantastic shade! A scattered holographic green jelly base. This is two coats. 

Ah Ah Ah-Mazing!
A metallic silvery lilac, this is two coats. 

I kinda like this collection, there are some shades that I wish they had a different finish to them, I'm not a big fan of the metallic polishes that show brush strokes. 
I love the holographic and glitter shades. 

Please leave a comment for a chance to win this collection, tell me your favorite tv show from your childhood. 

The giveaway is international, I'll pick the winner on June 30th. 

That's all for now! 
Thank you.



  1. Fraggle Rock and Family Ties were faves of mine.

  2. Replies
    1. Congratulations!!
      You won the giveaway, please send me an email with your mailing address.
      Thank you!

  3. Beautiful swatches!! I love how much China Glaze is experimenting lately with different finishes and textured. My favorite TV show from my childhood is the pink panther. Haha, I'm old!

  4. Great swatches. I agree with you, the glitter and holo polishes are the prettiest. So strange that some of the polishes are so sheer. Usually China Glaze has great formula. Maybe the sheer purple could be used to cancel out yellow staining on the nails.

    The Animals of Farthing Wood was probably my favourite tv show. But there were many others I loved to watch, too.

  5. Great review, thank you. Strangely my favourite was Hogan's Heroes, but to pick a children's show I vote for Hammy Hamster.

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  9. Literally just about anything that came on Nickelodeon! I loved Gulla Gulla Island...I wonder if anyone else remembers that lol.